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How to Extend the Lives of Your Washer and Dryer


Your washing machine and dryer are essential units in your home. The average household does up to seven loads of laundry a week. Luckily, the average washing machine and dryer should last over a decade with proper use and care.

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Why Aren't Your Towels Soft?


Those soft, fluffy towels used to be post-shower luxuries. But now they've gone from cozy and comfortable to scratchy and sandpaper-like.

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Trash Compactors and Garbage Disposals: Keep These Appliances Running Smoothly


Having a trash compactor and a garbage disposal in your kitchen can make getting rid of waste much easier. However, if something goes wrong with these appliances, it can leave you in quite a pickle. Follow the tips below to keep your trash compactor and garbage disposal running smoothly and minimize the need for repairs.

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