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Front-Loading & Top-Loading Washers: What You Need to Know

Washing Machine
When purchasing a new washer, you have two overall design choices: front-loading washers or top-loading washers. Each washer styles have distinct advantages and drawbacks.
Choosing between a front-loading and a top-loading washer is about knowing what your needs are and selecting the washing machine which fits those needs.


Washers Top-loading washers have a lid on the top of the machine. You drop your laundry down in the washer, where a central agitator rotates your clothes clockwise and counterclockwise.
Top-loading washers have been on the market for decades, which is one of the reasons top-loading washers are so easy to buy. Top-loading washers cost between $275 to $450 on average. Finding top-loading washers on sale is easy.
You can choose from many different models with top-loading washers. You can get a regular, compact, or family-size machine. Additionally, you can get an energy-efficient unit. You can get a top-loading washer that runs on gas or electricity.
Top-loading washers are reliable. They have straightforward mechanics and are easy and affordable to fix if they break down.
Good for Regular Detergent
Front-loading washers require high-efficiency detergent. However, with top-loading washers, you can use any laundry detergent you want.
Not Prone to Mold
Another big advantage of top-loading washers is they are not prone to mold. Top-loading washers have good air circulations and water doesn't build up.
Best for Big Loads
Top-loading washers work best when you put in a full-size load. The technology of a top-loading washer depends upon the clothes rubbing against each other and the agitator to get clean - that is harder to achieve when you put in a small load.
Top-loading washers offer a classic, reliable design that is affordably priced and easy to take care of.

Front-Loading Washers

Front-loading washers have a door that opens on the front of the machine. No agitator exists in the middle of the machine because gravity moves the clothes around in the washer.
Newer Style
Compared to top-loading washers, front-loading washers are the new kids on the block. Front-loading washers have started to become popular over the past decade but still make up a smaller part of the market. Front-loading washers use less water and are more energy-efficient than top-loading washers.
Longer Cycles and Short Drying Time
The time it takes to wash a load of clothes in a front-loading washer is longer than the time needed to wash a load of clothes in a top-loading washer. However, the time to takes to dry your clothes once they are done washing is shorter because front-loading washers have longer spin cycles, which result in dryer clothes right out of the wash.
Great With Small Loads
Front-loading washers are great with small loads. You can adjust the amount of water in the machine based on the size of the load. Front-loading washers rely on the process of lifting and dropping your clothes as the drum turns in order to clean them. This process works just as effectively with a small load or a large load.
Space Saving
Front-loading washers are designed to save space. You can stack a washer and dryer together when you have a front-loading washer. You can place a front-loading washer inside a cabinet or put a cabinet right on top of the machine.
Front-loading washers use less water and energy when they operate, work well with small or large loads, and can save space.
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