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How to Extend the Lives of Your Washer and Dryer

Washing Machine
Your washing machine and dryer are essential units in your home. The average household does up to seven loads of laundry a week. Luckily, the average washing machine and dryer should last over a decade with proper use and care.

If your washing machine or dryer were to fail, you'd be left with having to find alternative ways to clean your everyday clothing, towels, and other washable items. Here are a few ways you can extend the life span of both your washer and your dryer.

Tips for Your Washer

Your washer is responsible for cleaning the clothing and other washable items your family uses daily. Use the following tips to make your washing machine last longer and operate more efficiently.

Use the Correct Amount of Detergent

Overusing detergent in a single load can cause suds to go over your washing machine's reservoir, allowing water and suds to access your washing machine's motor. Too much soap can also lift clothes over the same reservoir and cause interruption or shortage in your washing machine's motor.

Do Not Overfill Your Washing Machine

Just because your washing machine can hold several towels, blankets, and clothing at one time (saving you a few loads of wash) doesn't mean you should overfill your washing machine. Too-heavy or large loads cause the drum inside your washer to become lopsided, which can break or wear down inner components of your washing machine.

Clean Your Washing Machine Periodically

Minerals from your household water can build up inside your washer and cause the unit to operate less effectively. Periodically do a vinegar rinse in your washing machine (put nothing else in the washer) to prevent mineral buildup. Or install a water purifier in your laundry room so only filtered water is used in your washer — your clothing may even come out cleaner as a result.

Tips for Your Dryer

Your dryer is responsible for properly drying all the items wet from the wash, from delicate items to sturdy blankets. Use the following tips to keep your dryer in top form.

Clean the Lint Tray After Every Load

The lint tray or trap should be cleaned after every load that comes out of the dryer. When the lint tray is clean, air is better filtered throughout the unit, allowing the items within to dry more effectively and with less time.

Divide Heavier Loads

If you have heavy loads of laundry for the dryer, such as blankets or towels, divide these loads into smaller ones so your dryer doesn't have to work as hard to get each item clean. Never put shoes in your dryer unless they are inside cloth bags to prevent shoes from thumping around inside your dryer.

Clean the Vent Hose

The vent hose goes from the back of your dryer to the outdoors. Periodically clean this vent hose to remove debris and items left in pockets that fell out in the dryer, such as lip gloss, loose change, receipts, and other items. Not only will your dryer have better filtration, which equals more effective drying times, but you will also reduce your home's fire hazard as lint and other debris can be flammable.

If you notice any strange sounds, leaking water, low heat emission, or other issues with your laundry units, call for professional repair services right away.

Proper care of your washer and dryer is key to these appliances' longevity. Refer to your owner manual for your units to see how to properly load and operate your washing machine and dryer. For all your appliance repair needs, rely on our expertise at Maple Appliance Service today.


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